A Simple Idea To Counter “Mind Control Nanobot Technology”

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3 min readMay 6

There’s this “conspiracy theory” floating around that you might have heard of regarding the idea that some covert organization of some kind (government or otherwise) is making nanobots that could be released into the air, and basically infect and take control of all sentient life on earth. Now, I’m not sure how soon this type of technology is actually going to come into fruition, but regardless of whether it’s going to happen in the next 10 years or the next 1,000 years, this type of technology is a very realistic possibility at some point in time at least. The question is: what are we supposed to do about it?

One idea that might come to mind is to somehow try to prevent this type of technology from being developed to begin with. Well, even if you were to outlaw the development of nanotechnology, it’s still possible that some secret underground organization (government or otherwise) would still develop this sort of thing in the dark. Some might even go so far as to propose detonating a world-wide EMP blast to permanently shut down and destroy all electronic devices, and basically put us all back to the dark ages.

The rationale might seem like a “harm reduction” sort of justification, where the harms of being in the dark ages technologically would be significantly less than the harms of being in a dystopian nanobot-controlled nightmare world. One of the problems with this proposal is the fact that there could always be some kind of “secret nanobot stash” hidden somewhere that the EMP blast couldn’t reach — such as deep underground bunkers, or somewhere in outer space. Plus, even if all human-made nanobot technology were to be destroyed, it would only bring us all back to square one, where we are going to have to go back to living in the nightmare barbaric era of the dark ages, while “just hoping” that future generations won’t re-develop these advanced technologies later on anyways. In addition, what about the possibility of malevolent extraterrestrials deciding to use technology in harmful ways against us? Destroying our technological advancements would only make us more vulnerable to these sorts of threats that could very realistically happen at some point anyways, regardless.

So what would be the solution to this? It’s a pretty simple idea, believe it or not: to use technology to defend ourselves from technology. Instead of trying to destroy all of this potentially dangerous technology altogether, why not use it for protection? In other…

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