Anti-LGBT+ Activists Who Lie About Protecting Children

Based On Principle
5 min readApr 10

One common concern that is raised by people who want to justify their prejudice and hostility towards the LGBT+ community is that “they want to protect the kids” — implying that the “alphabet mafia” just wants to promote pedophilia. First of all, I have yet to come across a single person who supports LGBT+ rights that also promotes pedophilia. Secondly, how much do these anti-LGBT+ bigots actually care about protecting the welfare of children? How often have you seen them simultaneously reign fire and fury about the moral outrages of adults being legally allowed to spank and kiss non consenting children? When it comes to issues that are truly detrimental to the welfare of children, these same people who pretend to care about “protecting children from the alphabet mafia” will usually justify and promote things like kissing and spanking non-consenting children, which proves that they don’t actually care about protecting children at all.

Think about it — can your boss legally spank and kiss you without your consent? No. They are only allowed to do that to you with your consent, and rightfully so. So if an adult isn’t allowed to be kissed and spanked by their boss non-consensually, then why should children get less protections than adults? Why is it currently the case that untrained caretakers are legally allowed to kiss and spank non-consenting children? Where is the “anti alphabet mafia” outrage about that? Again, if they are really so concerned about protecting the welfare of children, then why do they usually justify and promote such serious violations of children’s bodily autonomy?

See, that’s the thing: unless they are also up in arms about children getting non-consensually spanked and kissed by adults, then I’m not even going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they “have good intentions” and “mean well”. That’s because they clearly don’t. They claim that offering transgender youth HRT treatment is “child abuse”, yet studies have proved that offering transgender youth comprehensive HRT treatment drastically reduces the rate at which they commit suicide (

Now, how often have you even heard an anti-LGBT activist bring up that fact when they talk about how HRT treatment for transgender youth is “child abuse”? Rarely, if ever. I personally have yet to come across even one of these…

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