EctoLife and Antinatalism

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8 min readJun 3

EctoLife is basically an artificial womb system which allows for customized genetic human offspring. A lot of people have very adverse reactions to this sort of technology, because it seems “unnatural”. I personally think that society should focus on helping the 100+ million orphans worldwide ( before investing in this sort of “artificial womb technology” and before breeding more humans in general.

Voluntarily having children is in itself a very selfish, and inconsiderate act. There’s a lot more I can get into about why that is, but first I need to point out two logical fallacies that many tend to commit: the “status quo” fallacy and the “naturalistic” fallacy. They are very similar: the “status quo” fallacy is basically when someone tries to justify something by saying that “it’s ok because that’s just the way that currently is”, while the “naturalistic” fallacy is when someone tries to justify something as being good all because “it’s natural”.

They are fallacies because slavery was once “the status quo” and “the way that things were”. Certainly did not mean that slavery was actually ok, nor did it mean that it was necessary for society to function. Same goes for earthquakes, starvation, deadly diseases, meteors — they are natural, right? But that still doesn’t mean that you would be ok with being harmed by earthquakes, starvation, deadly diseases, and meteors, right? Just because starving to death is natural, doesn’t mean that starving to death is good.

Be sure to keep these fallacies in mind as I explain why reproduction in itself is immoral — especially in the current state of conditions. Reproduction involves forcing a non-consenting infant to be completely submerged in an adult’s genital fluids for almost an entire year, and then shoving this non-consenting infant through an adult’s vagina. Practically every surface area of the infant’s body is directly touching an adult’s vagina. In addition, childbirth is an extremely dangerous and painful process for infants, since their heads are getting squeezed so hard that many of them permanently lose IQ points. Then after being born, the doctors (if the birth is done at a hospital) are then required to shove tubes down the baby’s trachea without anesthesia in order to pump adult vaginal fluids out of their lungs, or else the baby runs a very high risk of getting pneumonia.

The baby never agreed to any of this. The baby is a non-consenting infant being forced into this…

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