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21 min readApr 10

Way back when — around 2007–2008, over a decade ago — there was this small YouTuber named “DantheNorseman” who had about 2,000 subscribers. He has since made a plethora of other channels, but my personal favorite (and everyone else’s that I’m aware of) was DantheNorseman. This article is basically just going to be sharing my personal experiences regarding this, and it does get fairly sad — I’m not gonna lie — but I do think that there are some important take-away lessons.

I first came across his “UtubePhuckinSux” channel around early 2009, and it was his “Obama rant” video (link unavailable). I saw the thumbnail, and I was thinking “oh great, here’s some long haired hippy going to mindlessly promote Obama, and falsely accuse anybody who doesn’t like him of ‘being a racist’”, but I was wrong. Dan’s main point in that video was that you can’t criticize Obama or accuse him of doing anything wrong without being called “a racist”, and how Obama supports will play the race card constantly. He also pointed out that he hated Bush as well, and he’s white as snow, so it makes no sense to accuse him of being a racist.

Now back in those days, one of my main gripes with Obama was his association with Bill Ayers, and people would constantly straw man my argument, by falsely claiming that I said that Obama himself was a terrorist, and that I’m just a racist. I didn’t say that Obama himself was a terrorist: what I said was that Obama was associating with terrorists — such as Bill Ayers. It was just refreshing to see Dan talk about the same sorts of issues with lots of Obama supporters playing the race card and straw manning others’ arguments.

Back in 2009 — when Dan’s UtubePhuckinSux channel was first underway — he mainly made a bunch of political videos, but he also made some other more “random” videos that I like as well, such as a rant about his greedy school (, his haunted room (, etc. I really liked a lot of those “random videos”. He also did a video where he responded to frequently asked questions (, and to be honest, I thought that he was actually kind of unnecessarily obnoxious at times. One example is when he chewed out some of his fans for asking him about the haunted room. But here’s the thing: that seemed like a very reasonable question. Dan had made a video talking about how his room was haunted and he was going to have a Native American shaman come over to get rid of the ghost, but…

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