Gay and Trans Hitlers

Based On Principle
4 min readMay 10

Yet another insane trend that I’ve noticed hell monkeys (i.e. exceptionally sadistic and terrible people) doing is what I call “intra-queer bigotry”. What is “intra-queer bigotry”, you might ask? Well, it’s basically when people from within the LGBT+ community are hostile and prejudice against others within the LGBT+ community. Sounds crazy, right? Why would anybody from within the LGBT+ community be hostile and bigoted against another “rainbow person”? Shouldn’t they all be on the same team? Why would you call foul when cis/het people discriminate, but then you as a rainbow person turn around and do the exact same thing to another rainbow person? That doesn’t really make any logical sense, right? Seems pretty hypocritical and nonsensical, right? Well yes, it is — but we all know that hell monkeys are only good at horrifying the living shit out of us, and irrational sadistic hypocrisy is their specialty.

I used to think that people from within the LGBT+ community were pretty much all accepting of each other. That seems like a pretty reasonable assumption, right? Well, it would be a pretty reasonable assumption — unless you’re dealing with hell monkeys. When dealing with hell monkeys, you might as well throw logic and reasoning out the window, because any “reasonable predictions” you might have will likely end up being very incorrect and inaccurate.

One example of this is a fairly common trend where there’s transphobia among the gay and trans communities. What? Transphobia among the trans community? How does that even make any sense? It doesn’t, but you have to remember that we’re dealing with hell monkeys — and logic and reasoning isn’t exactly their forte.

Even transphobia among the gay community doesn’t really seem to make too much sense either; after all, don’t they seem pretty comfortable with “transness” due to the drag queens that are usually at gay bars? Certainly the plethora of drag queens at gay bars would clearly indicate that they’re probably pretty comfortable with “trans-ness” in general. But that’s the thing: there’s this weird trend where a lot of gay people are cool with cross-dressing on more of a “part time” basis, but they are really hostile and bigoted to those who are “fully transgender” and living as the “gender opposite of assigned at birth” full time.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “what the fuck, that’s insane, and that doesn’t even make any sense. And talk about splitting hairs — why would they be cool with cross dressing, but hostile…

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