How I Would Run Things

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2 min readApr 28

If I were to decide how the world operates, what would I do? I would actually create a society that most people would want to live in — and if some people didn’t like it for whatever reason, they were more than welcome to secede and do their own thing in a separate area (so long as they follow a basic set of reasonable rules, which is essentially that they don’t commit any violent crimes). Sounds like a pretty bold statement, right? Let’s digress and see what type of world I would create.

The first main thing that I would do is automate all work as much as possible, and then evenly divide the remaining amount of “human labor” evenly among all working people, while still paying them full time salaries, so that everybody only has to work 1–2 days per week — if that — while still getting paid very well and producing an adequate amount of products to keep society functioning. I’ve gone into more detail about this in my previous works titled “Ethical Automation of Labor” and “The Type Of Robot To Make Ethical Automation More Simple and Efficient”.

I would also begin by getting a survey of which jobs people would prefer doing if they got paid the same regardless. Then, I would see how that lines up with what jobs need to be done by how many people. For the jobs that don’t have enough people interested in it to begin with, I would incentivize those jobs by offering higher pay and more time off, until enough people were interested in doing those jobs based on those incentives. If there are still some jobs that not enough people would want to do regardless of incentives that can be provided, then I would simply evenly divide those undesirable jobs equally among all working people, so that everybody just has to do a small amount of the undesirable work.

People would also get paid based on the quality and quantity of their work. So long as they produced at a certain standard, they would get that certain pay. If they produced more, they got more pay. If they produced less, they would get less pay. This would obviously be the most fair and just way to incentivize and reward people to do their best. And if their job was especially difficult and undesirable, then they would get paid even more, as explained before.

Now, the vast majority of people would probably be thrilled to live in a society like this, but for those exceptions who don’t like it and want to do something else? I would have no problem with letting them secede and do their own thing on their own plot of land somewhere else. Anybody is welcome to voluntarily secede from my “ethically automated society” and do their own thing, so long as they follow a basic set of reasonable rules (such as, not committing any violent crimes). Sounds pretty fair and reasonable, does it not?

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