When Paying Attention To “Red Flags” Doesn’t Work

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14 min readApr 1

How can you “pay attention to the red flags”, when there are no red flags to begin with? Oh, you should just listen to your intuition, then? Well, what if your intuition leads you astray, and leads you into believing that certain people are great, before they end up revealing themselves to be monsters once they de-mask later on? Then what? What are you supposed to do about people who seem great for a while — months if not years — just so that they can change face later on and stab you in the back? How are you supposed to adapt to that? How are you supposed to protect yourself against people like that without wasting all that time around them while being led on and duped during the “fairy tale phase” when they seem great? How are you supposed to be able to tell if someone who seems great is legitimately great, or if you’re just witnessing a “fairy tale phase” that’s going to abruptly turn sour at some unknown point in the future? Great questions; wish I could tell you how to obtain the crystal ball in order to answer them.

There is a YouTube User named “Dr. Christopher Diaz” who left the following comment on a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HEFhmOLnlk):

Dr. Christopher Diaz basically claims that “the world isn’t really full of terrible people, I was just making bad decisions which makes it seem that way, and you are too if you think that the world is full of terrible people. It’s all your fault: you just don’t pay enough attention to the red flags, and/or you have done some kind of wrongdoing to deserve the torture you have received, therefore there’s no victim-hood in anything that you experience. Stop complaining, and take responsibility for how much of a fuck-up you are”.

Except, does he even give any specific examples of the so-called “terrible decisions” that he was allegedly making? Is he specific as to what he actually did that was “so bad”? No — we are essentially left to speculate.

Now, I understand that he might not be in the mood to write a full Medium article on a single YouTube comment — and I never expected him to — but don’t you think that he should at least give a general statement or two explaining what he means by “terrible decisions”? He could have simply said that “he wasn’t paying enough attention to the red flags”, or…

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